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The Pivotal Curriculum

Behaviour management training should not be just a one-off event. To achieve sustainable impact and real behaviour change you need to have internal capacity for behaviour support and training. The Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety is a ‘Train the Trainers’ programme that will enable you to deliver outstanding behaviour training at the time that you most need it.

The flexibility of the programme means that you can deliver training over whole INSET days or in one-hour twilight sessions. You can train all staff together or work with smaller teams.

**Fast Track courses now available**

Next Year 1&2 Instructor training dates:
12th – 13th September 2016, Sydney.
15th – 16th September 2016, Melbourne.
19th – 20th September, Brisbane.

Next Fast Track Instructor training dates: March 2017, Venue and dates TBC.

How does the Pivotal Curriculum work?

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  • You nominate one or more members of staff to be your Pivotal Instructor
  • We train the Instructors over a two-day immersive residential course
  • Instructors deliver Pivotal behaviour management training to colleagues whenever they wish.
  • Instructors access ongoing Pivotal training and support
  • Members of staff can also complete Pivotal Curriculum training online
  • Instructors return for Year 2 and Year 3 immersive courses to develop their expertise and the range of training and support they can provide for colleagues.

What will the Pivotal Curriculum achieve?

  • Every adult dramatically up skilled in behaviour
  • A seismic shift in culture and consistency
  • Your staff trained as Licensed Pivotal Instructors
  • Blended training that is impact assessed

The Pivotal Curriculum gives you a step-by-step process to follow. We tell you where to start and then how to develop practice and improve skills over time.  Pivotal programmes do not impose a rigid structure on you. Instead the Pivotal Curriculum enables you to create your own structure for behaviour, your own culture, your own values.

Really wonderful! Made me think! Made me cringe! Made me re-think! We need to re-evaluate our approach to positive discipline within our school and change classroom, individual and whole school systems and habits.

Rhys Glynne Roberts

Earn Pivotal Badges through the Pivotal Curriculum


What training can Licensed Instructors deliver?


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Watch Pivotal Instructor Training

Listen to one Instructor talk about the impact of the Pivotal Curriculum in her school. [podcast]

The Pivotal Curriculum has been designed to be perfectly replicable.

You can complete the programme over three years, by attending a 2 day course every year or you can attend our five day ‘Fast Track’ course.

In Year 1, Licensed Pivotal Instructors can train staff in their school or college in the first five units of the Curriculum. There is no limit to the number of sessions that staff run.

Unit 1: Culture – “Consistency in practice: Adult mindset and adult behaviour”
Unit 2: Structure – “Exceptional classroom behaviour practice: Technical skills and knowledge”
Unit 3: Change – “Sanctions, rewards and restorative practice: Practical skills and techniques”
Unit 4: Anger – “Managing and modifying angry learners: Intervention tactics”

In Year 2, Licensed Instructors are given more advanced training. They are trained how to coach and mentor colleagues on a one-to-one basis to enable behaviour improvement across all classrooms. They are also given access to additional units.

Unit 5: Mental Health – “Developing awareness of mental health: Practical guidance for adults in education”
Deep Dives – Advanced training resources for individuals

Year 3 Instructors further develop their individual expertise. The focus during this year is on Special Educational Needs.  Instructors are given specialised training for developing whole school strategies for managing individual high needs learners. They are also given access to an additional unit.

Unit 6: Special Educational Needs – “Managing SEN Learners: Inclusion and integration strategies.”

NB: All units of the Pivotal Curriculum for Behaviour and Safety are also available as online training courses. So Pivotal Curriculum schools can have a blended approach to the training – some delivered online, some delivered in live training sessions by the in-house Instructor.